Tips to organise your office


When you’re office is looking beyond repair but you don’t want to reorganise everything, there is still hope. Here are a few small tips to help get better organised:



Start with your desk:

A clean desk = A clean mind. Sort through your papers and remove anything you don’t need to action. In Trays are a great way to declutter – use them for pending work and file away all papers once you have finished the task

Make lists:

Lists are a great way to ensure you get all the important jobs done. Write down everything you need to do and use a numbering system to prioritise the most important tasks. My outlook calendar is my bible. Everything I need to do goes into it and ensures I don’t miss anything


Still have files from 10 years ago sitting on your shelf? They don’t need to be there. Get a few archive boxes and store anything out of date in here. This way you can still hold on to them but they are out of the way

File Every Week:

Make a delegated time each week to file your paperwork. Most people have a “File Pile” that can sit for weeks and grow by the minute. All you need is half an hour each week and the pile is gone!


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I have over 15 years of HR, Admin and Business Management under my wing. This is where I discovered my true passion: Organisation and structure.

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