The importance of friends at work

We all know that majority of our time is spent at work these days, and if it’s anything like my job it involves sitting at a desk behind a computer screen for the most part. BOR-ING. Where is the stimulation? The excitement? Even just the motivation to go to the office?

Friends. Sure, some people prefer colleagues but I have found most of my adult friendships have stemmed from the workplace, and I’m happy to report we’ve remained close even after moving on to new companies. Work relationships are underrated and I personally find going to the office much more enjoyable when there are friends to chat with, have a gossip in the kitchen about the latest celebrity scandal, and giggle over what our client just said on the phone.

Studies show that there are many benefits to having work friendships, and even suggests enhanced productivity. Having friends around boosts morale and sends positive vibes throughout the office. Managers are more likely to get more out of their employees when they are happy and can interact with colleagues on a friendly basis. Friendships also help staff members feel like someone has their back, and can offer help or suggestions when in doubt on a work matter.

For me, I find it basically gets me out of bed in the morning knowing I’m spending my day surrounded by friends while I bury myself in my job. I am definitely on team work friendships, and suggest you consider starting up a conversation or inviting a colleague to lunch. Who knows what sort of bond is waiting…

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