Last day of the year

out-of-officeIt’s almost hard to believe that 2015 is a wrap, but here we are on the last working day of the year. I always like to take this day as my ultimate “Organised Office Fairy” day and do the tasks I have been postponing all year. The morning began with a huge office spring clean. All staff got involved and helped throw anything deemed no longer required, clean desks, put away boxes that were yet to be unpacked and even vacuum the floor. I then proceeded to tackle the In Tray that has been staring at me for months now waiting to be touched. It’s true, I neglected this pile as my attention was always driven elsewhere to “more important” tasks, but now I have made the time to reconnect with my old friend who was always there to take on more papers I didn’t want to deal with. We spent the better part of an hour sorting through the papers, filing, and making a new action pile for the little buggers that snuck in unnoticed.

Once everything was looking pretty and tidy, a well deserved break was in order. It’s the last day of work – go out for a drink with your coworkers and celebrate all the hard work and team bonding that was done over the past 12 months. You’ve earned it. And before you know it, that one hour lunch break lasted 2 – oops. I’ll make up for it in the new year I’m sure.

One more item to do when I get back to the office is every OCD persons must do before leaving. Make a list. I give my emails a final once over to make sure I haven’t missed anything urgent, then proceed to make myself a list for anything I need to pick up after the break. Sure it’s only got a couple of items on it but knowing I’ve done this makes me at ease and now I can go on holidays and not think about the office for a full 2 weeks. If you’re anything like me you’ll be flying out of the country as soon as you say “Merry Christmas” I’m heading over to my home away from home – the USA, where I’ll endure snow up to my knees and minus 30 degree weather. But I’ll be happy, and enjoying every minute of my organised holiday (yes even my personal life is structured).

And that’s a wrap everyone. Have a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year.

Check back in for more blog posts in the new year



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