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Resume Writing

People underestimate the importance of a good resume. But in reality, this is the first thing a future employer sees and ultimately makes the decision whether they want to meet with you. It can be difficult to sell yourself on paper, which is why I can help create professional, catchy and effective resumes. I have…read more

Effective Communication in the Workplace

  Effective communication in the workplace is crucial for a happy environment. Here are some tips to help improve your team’s communication and morale:       Communication is a two-way street  It is just as important to listen to you colleague as it is to speak Listen to the words of the speaker, and do not interrupt…read more

Get Organised in 2016

Happy New Year! Why not use the start of 2016 to get organised and do all those things that were constantly being pushed to the back of your mind last year? The good news is that I can help! Some of my specialities and enjoyment come from providing structure and order to things that have…read more

Tips to organise your office

When you’re office is looking beyond repair but you don’t want to reorganise everything, there is still hope. Here are a few small tips to help get better organised:     Start with your desk: A clean desk = A clean mind. Sort through your papers and remove anything you don’t need to action. In Trays are…read more

What is an Office Emergency?

What is classed as an office emergency these days? Whatever it is, the Organised Office Fairy can help. Need a Workplace Health & Safety assessment? Or a PA for the day to arrange your appointments? Find out how I can solve all your office emergencies quick and easy