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The importance of friends at work

We all know that majority of our time is spent at work these days, and if it’s anything like my job it involves sitting at a desk behind a computer screen for the most part. BOR-ING. Where is the stimulation? The excitement? Even just the motivation to go to the office? Friends. Sure, some people…read more

Get Organised in 2016

Happy New Year! Why not use the start of 2016 to get organised and do all those things that were constantly being pushed to the back of your mind last year? The good news is that I can help! Some of my specialities and enjoyment come from providing structure and order to things that have…read more

Last day of the year

It’s almost hard to believe that 2015 is a wrap, but here we are on the last working day of the year. I always like to take this day as my ultimate “Organised Office Fairy” day and do the tasks I have been postponing all year. The morning began with a huge office spring clean….read more